My Biggest Issue With Keto

The hardest thing about the keto diet (or any form of clean eating) for me is convenience. Boil some pasta and dump some sauce… Boom! You have dinner. Exhausted and have to feed a family? Stick a frozen Stoffer’s meal in the oven. Need a quick breakfast due to kids dragging their feet? Toast some waffles!

Carbs are easy. They come prepackaged and sometimes precooked. Clean eating is usually not. You could buy salads for lunch, but that adds up real fast if you’re on a budget. 

Strict keto is fairly cheap. If you miss bread or tortillas and follow a looser keto (I personally follow ‘if it follows your macros’), you can buy them or buy ingredients to make low carb versions that cost more (so it isn’t cheap!). 

Keto can be simple. Bunless hamburgers. Chicken Alfredo on zucchini noodles. Baked chicken with broccoli.Pepperoni chips with guacamole or sour cream. 

What helps me stick to keto is meal prep. I try to do intermittent fasting so I don’t have to worry about breakfast for me. During weekends, I’ll sacrifice my energy and try to meal prep my lunches and a few dinners, that way if my husband and I don’t want to make a fresh dinner, we still have a keto meal.

Otherwise, buying food from Taco Bell or Domino’s is too tempting. We have In-N-Out where we live and I love their burgers, and how easy it is to be keto. But uh, everyone likes them and last I checked, you can’t order ahead of time. It’s a decent wait to get burgers. With kids at home, that fast food chain isn’t fast enough!

Here are a few recipes my husband and I love that are low carb/keto:

Low Carb Taco Bell Nachos copycat recipe
Big Mac Casserole
Snickerdoodle Fat Bombs
Taco Soup


I'm a mom of two, a gamer, and a person just trying to get her life together.

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